The Yoga Junction Website Content & Brand Messaging

Updated: Mar 26

July 31, 2020

Client: Jessica Jacobs, creator of The Yoga Junction

Logo, Branding, and Website Design: Celina Barnas, Mad Attic and Lia Golemba, Pink Spot Creative

The Yoga Junction is the union of everything within the yoga lifestyle. Created out of an understanding that everyone experiences a different yoga journey, The Yoga Junction is a space, both virtual and physical, where you are liberated to be authentically you. It is about women coming together and building connections.

This site was a collaboration. Celina Barnas with Mad Attic and Lia Golemba with Pink Spot Creative created the logo, branding, and website. Together, their design vision comes to life and they meaningfully highlight branding elements.

It was a pleasure to work with Jessica, her vision and story are inspirational and I feel lucky to be part of this project.

This website is a one stop shop for all things yoga. The Yoga Junction offers retreats, resources, and products, while also supporting local artisans, artists, designers, and women in business. If this speaks to you, be sure to send her a message at

"When we are brave enough to wander through the wild and unknown, only then will we be fortunate enough to find a path home." - Jessica Jacobs